It was 7 days until the final submission deadline for my favorite festival "National Film Festival for Talented Youth" and I didn't have anything to submit. I went to my brother and said something like "We need to make a film worthy of NFFTY in seven days." Gabe suggested that we make something like our confusingly well received sketch "StreakFree" which starred both of us. After a long night of bantering back and forth about the plot of our impromptu film, we created the script for (censored). We shot the film the next day, edited for 5 days non-stop, and eventually submitted the film at 11:50pm on the day of the deadline. Miraculously we were accepted into the festival, and the short went on to win Audience Favorite for their shorts program, and The Surreal Award at the 43rd Annual Northwest Filmmakers Festival.

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